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Plain Fabrics in Stock for Bespoke Waistcoats

NOTE: It is not possible for the colours reproduced here to be identical with the colours of the fabric. These images are intended as a rough guide only. If you are unsure, especially if the precise colour is important to you, please request a sample. Fabric Samples are available by post, through the Contact page. Up to 6 samples no charge. If more required pease send a large S.A.E. There are always new fabrics coming in so ask for samples, giving some idea of the type of fabric and colour required, and size.

£19.95 for basic waistcoats - £24.95 with two pockets

Bow ties to match most waistcoats at just £5 each

Two pockets can be added for £5 extra per waistcoat

Cotton corduroys: Bottle Green, Burgundy, Brown.
100% cotton, 8 cords to the inch.

Cotton Corduroy in burgundy

Plain colours

Cotton Moleskin

£22.50 with no pockets, £27.50 with two pockets.
sizes 38" to 44" chest
Back length up to 23"
For larger or longer sizes, approximately £5 more.

Moleskin now available in BLACK.

Mole moleskinBurgundy moleskin
Mole on the left, Burgundy on the the right,

Moss green moleskinMoleskin - Stone

Moss Green on the left, Stone on the right

083 beige  081 navy
Light Mustard, and Navy

086 taupe  082
Mole and Taupe

084 gunmetal  085 persian red
Gunmetal and Persian Red

Moleskin also available in Black.

When Moleskin is unavailable there is often an alternative plain fabric,
e.g. sueded polyester or fine cord, or "s-t-r-e-t-c-h Moleskin" fabrics.
Please ask what is available or ask for swatches.

Plain polyester bi-stretch colours from £19.95

Presently available in black, red, royal blue and violet.

Red  Royal Blue  Violet
These are very close-up scans of the actual material, which doesn't really look like canvas!

December 2009, added this Wine coloured polyester bi-stretch, below. It's very difficult to
show the richness of this colour, without it looking too dark but this is a fairly good reproduction:

Wine coloured polyester bi-stretch.

NEW, fashionable, black polyester with white pinstripe at 1/2" interval


£19.95.00 with no pockets £24.95 with two pockets.

Polyester Twill

Both these fabrics are hard wearing and machine washable at 40°
Ideal for snooker or pool teams, bands, choirs, groups, etc.

Red  Yellow

£19.95 with no pockets, 38" to 44"
£24.95 with two pockets, up to back length 23"
Larger or longer sizes, approximately £5 extra.

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